About Our Artists' Challenges

Renewing the Renaissance® provides dignity and pride to each of our artists, paying them fairly for their work and offering a sense of normalcy. In the interest of fostering normalcy and to preserve the artists' privacy, we do not disclose information about their specific challenges. Even with issues ranging from high-functioning autism to executive functioning challenges such as language and social issues, these artists can proudly thrive with our nurturing and support.


Born to a large family in the Midwest, Wendy's relationship with art started in childhood. "I discovered my mom’s art supplies in an old cabinet and began drawing. Instead of getting mad, she saw that it kept me busy and out of trouble,” says Wendy. "Except for the time I found a tube of my big sister's lipstick. Her bedroom had to be repainted. To this day I like to use a splash of red or pink when I can."

Throughout her life, she’s held a variety of jobs throughout the country, from street musician and dog-walker in New York City, to framer and art teacher in Texas, Virginia and Washington. An unexpected diagnosis of several challenges helped explain why Wendy often felt at a loss working with groups of people.

Art stirs her soul and makes it possible to connect with others. “The first time I saw Van Gogh’s paintings up close I cried,” says Wendy. “They jumped off the walls and into my heart. I felt alive in a way I hadn’t before.”

Today, Wendy lives in the Northwest, where she continues to immerse herself in painting.
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