About Our Artists' Challenges

Renewing the Renaissance® provides dignity and pride to each of our artists, paying them fairly for their work and offering a sense of normalcy. In the interest of fostering normalcy and to preserve the artists' privacy, we do not disclose information about their specific challenges. Even with issues ranging from high-functioning autism to executive functioning challenges such as language and social issues, these artists can proudly thrive with our nurturing and support.


As a child, Kent’s earliest memories of art were drawing, painting and working with clay. “Working with clay was deeply enjoyable for me,” says Kent. “It gave me the kind of spiritual retreat that I needed.”

At 17, Kent began sculpting professionally. He was hired to create sculptural replicas of ancient artifacts for museums and private collectors in Southern California. Since then, his work has been commissioned by filmmakers and wildlife organizations. In addition, his online tutorials about sculpture, design and casting are used as a reference by thousands of art students.

The creative process continues to be deeply rewarding—and all consuming. “When a vision becomes a tangible form, I feel real joy and excitement, followed by a renewed desire to release the next one,” says Kent. “But it’s sometimes a little shocking when eight hours go by like two.”

Kent lives with his wife and three children in the high desert mountains.
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