About Our Artists' Challenges

Renewing the Renaissance® provides dignity and pride to each of our artists, paying them fairly for their work and offering a sense of normalcy. In the interest of fostering normalcy and to preserve the artists' privacy, we do not disclose information about their specific challenges. Even with issues ranging from high-functioning autism to executive functioning challenges such as language and social issues, these artists can proudly thrive with our nurturing and support.


Maurine or “Mo”, as she is most popularly known, had her first major work of art result in a fine for its controversial imagery. As a pre-teen living in Army housing, she’d used acrylics to transform a cinderblock room into a spirited mural, covering the walls with scenes of flowers and circus tents. Today, instead of paying to have her art removed, Mo is compensated for creating it. Like many artists, Mo’s professional acclaim was first preceded by a resume with a creative array of jobs and cities, from administrating a builders’ supply yard to working two separate Las Vegas racetracks.

"I even did a stint working construction sites during the big building boom of the early 80’s," says Mo. "But throughout it all, I always created, sold and taught art." In fact, when she became a part-time art instructor for the community college in Las Vegas, Mo’s scores were higher than full-time instructors with MFA’s.

Today, Mo lives in California where she enjoys illustrating, painting, and creating the occasional graphic novel. "Artists are always working," says Mo. "I can’t imagine myself not wanting that next project."
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